Friday, June 15, 2012

SEnuke x 2.6.19

SEnuke X has got be the oldest and most well known of all backlink software. It used to be called just SEnuke. Then SEnuke X came out and addressed pretty much everything that could be improved. The result is the most well known and well reputed backlink software on the market.
The sites that SEnuke submits your links to are as follows –
45 social network sites
95 article directories
25 bookmarking services
90 web2.0 sites
25 RSS sites
35 press release sites
30 video sites
440 forums
This list isn’t 100% accurate because they are always adding and removing sites to keep up with the needs of SEnuke’s user base. I just put that list there to show you what kinds of sites it has and give you a general idea of the number of sites you can expect it to have. You can also add sites to it if they’re not already on there. It also pings all your URLs using various ping services and creates account to all the above sites for you. All automated. The successful submission rate and the successful account creation rate with SEnuke is around 80% accross the board. That is a really impressive success rate for this kind of software. Seriously, that’s huge. It’s very important remember to rotate your proxies. You don’t want any site owners to notice multiple accounts on the same IP address.
SEnuke X has a captcha solving feature that’s capable of solving about 40% of the captchas. That’s pretty nice and saves a little money. Now I do want emphasize that it saves a LITTLE bit of money because captcha solving services are very inexpensive and Do integrate with SEnuke X. But it’s still a nice feature, particularly if you have a whole lot of links to promote.
A great feature of SEnuke is the “New Campaign Wizard” which is really quick and simple to get you started but, the step By Step Wizard is really incredible. You can draw out these very dynamic link diagrams, that look like one of those world wide web diagrams, that you’d use to teach someone from the past what the internet is. It’s basically a template so that you can create your own very unique footprint.

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Internet Business Promoter

Internet Business Promoter (IBP) is a multi-award winning search engine optimization software tool that helps you get high search engine rankings:
  • Get high rankings on Google, Yahoo, Bing and other search engines.
  • Get more website visitors and increase your revenue.
Save time, get more customers and more sales

IBP is a SEO software that offers everything you need to successfully promote your website. It is a proven suite of professional web promotion tools that helps you with all
aspects of website promotion and search engine optimization.1. Optimize2. Promote3. TrackTop-rated optimizationNext-level promotionReliable tracking

Optimize your web pages and links for top 10 rankings on Google, Bing/Yahoo and other major search engines.Get your website listed on all important search engines, directories and social media sites.Track the results of your Internet marketing and search engine optimization activities.

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This little tool will loop trough 1.000's of links (115k+ to be exact), adding a backlink to your domain in most cases. This makes it a very handy SEO tool. Just click a button, sit back and relax B). It should go without saying that this will take a long time to complete so it's one of those things you'll want to run over night or something.

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Saturday, June 9, 2012

Auto Traffic Machine Pro

Drive traffic to your site develop quality SEO key word optimized content for your web site. Make that content work for you. Don’t sit back and hope your “Page Rank” will increase all by itself, you need to be involved. Without Auto Traffic Machine Pro you won’t sleep, you won’t be able to keep up with the blogs, comments, sites, and forums; your website will be hopelessly buried 10 pages back on a Google search.

It is not about survival of the fittest, it is survival of the fastest. You must get there first (page rank), get their attention fast (multiple tasks running simultaneously), and keep them returning (key word rich articles, blog content, blog comments, email and Skype updates with new and interesting information).

Auto Traffic machine Pro Suite Features!
Auto traffic system.
Crazy Blog Commenter
Blog Harvester Machine
Forum Harvester Machine
Article Factory
White Hat Browser
Email marketing machine
Skype Mass Sender
YouTube Super Bot
Rapid Indexer Machine
Ping Me
WordPress Submitter
Hide My Toys a proxy harvester
Yahoo Account Creator
YouTube Account Creator
Spin Support
Proxy Support
Life Time Update

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Thursday, June 7, 2012

SERPAttacks Pro

Unlimitted projects Create separate projects so you can easily load them again later.
    Find golden niches to dominate Find highly searched keywords with very less competition so you can rank and earn faster. Just type any keyword and SerpAttacks will load suggested keywords for you.
    Localization Find highly searched keywords and analyze search engine competitions on certain location. Maybe you are not yet aware but there are many hidden gems in localized searches.
    Dicover Competitors Target Keywords Know what are the exact keywords your competitor is targeting so you can easily know if you are missing valuable keywords.
    Discover Keywords Potential for Profit Easily discover how much advertisers are paying for that keyword and how many are competing.
    Keyword Difficulty Analysis Analyze top ranking sites on certain keyword and tell easily tell the difficulty level without going through all those sites one by one.
    Multiple Search Engines Supports the most popular search engines, google, yahoo, bing, altavista and ask. SerpAttacks is not a tool to dominate google or bing, it’s a tool to dominate them all.
    Find out if the keyword will still be profitable in the future Unveil and analyze how many people are searching for your keyword and discover if the trend is going up your down.
    Discover high value domains in a click of a button Having good domain is one factor in ranking and SerpAttacks provide good ways of finding them.
    Discover highly profitable affiliate products to promote What is a keyword and ranking if you don’t have product to promote? SerpAttacks can dig amazon and clickbank for products that you can promote based on your keywords.
    Rank tracker Check and monitor your rank across different search engines from different locations.
    Check and spy backlinks of any website Check the websites that are linking to you or check your competitor’s backlinks so you have an idea where you will put your links.
    Advanced SERP Analysis Easily analyze the SERP (Search Engine Result Pages) for websites that are ranking for your chosen keywords and get an idea how strong the competition really is.
    Advanced Page Analysis Discover your website weakpoints as SerpAttacks analyze every paragraphs, every html tags, every titles and many other factors so you can dramatically improve it against your competitors.
    Export data for further analysis SerpAttacks provide detailed reports for better analysis but if you think it is not enough, you can always export it so you can analyze them further or save for documentation purposes.
    FREE SupportWe are here to answer your questions regarding the product

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Friday, June 1, 2012

71 Best Seo Tools Scripts Mega Pack Collection

One Package:
Color & Font Picker
CSS Validator
CSS Generator
CSS Generator (Advanced)
Drop Down Menu Maker
HTML Validator
Keyword Density Analyzer
Popup Maker
javascript Mouseover Maker
Link Checker
Link Popularity Comparison Tool
Meta Tag Creator
Meta Tag Viewer
Table Maker
Table Maker (Advanced)
Link Extractor
HTTP Headers
HTML Optimizer
HTML Encrypter
htaccess URL Rewrite
Spider View
Two Package
Google banned
Google datacenter search
Index checker
Keyword Suggestion Tool
Link popularity
Ranking tool
Search engine position
Url redirect checker
Visual pagerank
Browser details
Alexa Traffic Rank
Broken link checker
Domain lookup
IP Location
Reverse IP/Look-up
Server status
Website speed test
Link Extractor
Three Package:
Webpage Analyzer
C Class Checker
Crontab Entry Generator
Domain Name Checker
Dreamweaver Code Cleaner
Frontpage Code Cleaner
Determine Country From IP
Spam List Check
Websafe Color Tool
Whois Lookup
Four Package:
Alexa Rank Comparison
Code To Text Ratio
CPM Advertising ROI Calculator
Email Encrypter
Google Dance Tool
Gradient Image Maker
.htaccess Ban Generator
.htaccess Password Generator
Screen Resolution Comparison Tool
Text Diff Tool
Advanced Text Diff Tool
Five Package:
Competition Research Tool
Advanced Meta Tag Generator
Robots.txt Syntax Checker
Robots.txt Generator
Broken Link Checker
Color Converter
HTML Converter
Page Rank Predictor
Image Optimizer
Favicon Generator

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Sunday, May 27, 2012

XgenSEO Enterprise.rar

The revolutionary One-Click Social Marketing & SEO Automation Software for the SEO agency and Businesses. XGenSEO is an essential social media SEO marketing tool to help you generate quality back links from all the major social media sites under one simple interface. Managing all your social media sites is a very time consuming process. It involves setting up multiple social media accounts, creating multiple unique articles/blogs and then posting them to all your social media accounts. Save yourself time and money by using XGenSEO which will reduce the time required to run a successful social media SEO marketing campaign. Our intelligent automation engine will help save you time, money and allow you to generate plenty of quality back links that will enhance your website's search engine ranking results.

 Create Free e-mail account fully automatically with one button click. Create social accounts on 80+ social media sites fully automatically with one button click. Create Blogs on 20+ major Blog sites fully automatically. Submit Article to 20+ major article directories fully automatically. Submit videos to 15+ major video sites fully automatically. Create bookmarks on 15+ major bookmarking sites fully automatically. Submit all URLs from blogs, articles, videos, and bookmarking to 15+ RSS aggregator sites fully automatically. Get hundreds of thousands quality links from social sites in less than 30 days. Boost your Web site ranking to top 10 position on Google.

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Friday, May 25, 2012

Article Spinners

Many online marketers today use article spinners for their article marketing needs a semi-automated process to rewrite one article into several articles that are uniquely viewed by search engines, therefore not being hit with duplicate content penalties. Article content spinner is the best choice for website owners that want to outshine their competitors with a multitude of published works on the Web providing backlinks, targeted traffic, and credibility.

You can benefit from our Article Spinner immediately, with its quick and easy-to-use system. The application allows you to rewrite a large number of articles by replacing words in the original article with synonyms from a large synonyms database. Imagine having access to this rewriting software that uses 160,000 words and a database of 68,000 synonyms..

Content rewriting has never been easy because of the manual time commitment, but now it can be realized through a few simple clicks. Additionally, Article Spinner allows random paragraphs to be added, which will definitely contribute to producing unique, high quality articles.

Here are some of the features our Article Spinner boasts:

Article Spinner produces top notch content. Unlike the majority of related content spinning and rewriting software that produce low quality content with poor flow, our Article Spinner offers the benefit of blending harmoniously from one sentence to another and one paragraph to another in the final product. The result? High quality, readable and naturally-flowing content for your visitors.

Article Spinner produces 100% unique content! We understand how hard is to come up with content that is at the same time unique for search engines and high quality. Moreover, we know how much time and money it can take to have hundreds of articles professionally-written for your website. This is where Article Spinner steps forward. The only thing you have to do is find the private label rights articles related to your website and then input them into our content spinner.

The Article Spinner interface is easy to use. Anyone can use Article Spinner to produce unique and naturally-flowing content. We have prepared a variety of options for customizing and personalizing any private label rights articles.

Article Spinner is flexible. You can load the content from a website URL, text file, or by copying and pasting it directly into the system. The article spinning application is versatile so it can be used with any of your content rewriting projects.

It offers complete control over the content rewriting process. Our content spinner allows the user to completely control the rewriting process in order to obtain high quality and unique content. By offering the ability to approve or deny all of the changes our rewriting software is programmed to make, you can always be sure that the content turns out readable and unique for the search engines and visitors alike.

Article Spinner is fast-operating. You can spin any PLR article (or other article that you own rights to) with just few clicks! It takes only a few seconds for our content spinner to rewrite any article and turn it into a 100% unique piece of content. You can use the unique, quality content to achieve high rankings in search engines and draw countless visitors. Instead of hiring a team of expensive writers that will produce hundreds of original articles in a couple of months or more, you can use our content spinner too produce the same amount of original, high quality articles in just A FEW MINUTES!

Article Spinner can create hundreds of quality, readable, and unique articles that will serve up great for the search engines and draw your visitors� attention. You will never have to worry about getting penalized for duplicate content or having unreadable content in front of your visitors! 
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SEO Suite Corporate Edition

SEO Suite is an All-In-One SEO Software combines More Than 25 SEO Tools in one SEO Suite to Boost Your Web Site to the Top 10.

It includes Web Site Optimizer, Search Engine Submitter, Link Building Tools and Reporting Tools.

General Features:

Optimize Your Website with SEO Suite
- Find the right keywords
- Analyse and get suggestions to Improve Website Optimization
- Add New Optimized Pages to Your Website
- Modify the Meta Tags to be Keyword Enriched

Promote your website to the Search Engines
- Submit Websites and Pages directly to the Search Engines & Directories
- Acquire Your Website Link Popularity and Reputation
- Find out if your Site and Pages are indexed by the Search Engines
- Analyse the Link Popularity of Your Site and Competitors
- Increasing your Page Rank and Link Reputation through Link Analysis
- Improve your Customer Visibility through Relevant Directory Submissions & Partner Requests
- Submit Articles to Popular ezines – build rapport as experts in your industry

Additional Tools SEO Suite Offers You
- Tools to help easily improve your website optimization

Analyse & Monitor your Website Rankings and Visitors for Higher Conversion with SEO Suite™
- Examine Your Site Rankings on the Search Engine
- Analyse the Page Rank & Link Popularity of your Site
- Monitor and Track the Submission of your Site to the Search Engine and Directories
- Improve ROI and Website Monitoring – Site Statistics Tool

Setup a Search Engine Optimization Project Management system with SEOSuite
- Provide SEO Services with systematic Management tools.

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