Friday, June 15, 2012

SEnuke x 2.6.19

SEnuke X has got be the oldest and most well known of all backlink software. It used to be called just SEnuke. Then SEnuke X came out and addressed pretty much everything that could be improved. The result is the most well known and well reputed backlink software on the market.
The sites that SEnuke submits your links to are as follows –
45 social network sites
95 article directories
25 bookmarking services
90 web2.0 sites
25 RSS sites
35 press release sites
30 video sites
440 forums
This list isn’t 100% accurate because they are always adding and removing sites to keep up with the needs of SEnuke’s user base. I just put that list there to show you what kinds of sites it has and give you a general idea of the number of sites you can expect it to have. You can also add sites to it if they’re not already on there. It also pings all your URLs using various ping services and creates account to all the above sites for you. All automated. The successful submission rate and the successful account creation rate with SEnuke is around 80% accross the board. That is a really impressive success rate for this kind of software. Seriously, that’s huge. It’s very important remember to rotate your proxies. You don’t want any site owners to notice multiple accounts on the same IP address.
SEnuke X has a captcha solving feature that’s capable of solving about 40% of the captchas. That’s pretty nice and saves a little money. Now I do want emphasize that it saves a LITTLE bit of money because captcha solving services are very inexpensive and Do integrate with SEnuke X. But it’s still a nice feature, particularly if you have a whole lot of links to promote.
A great feature of SEnuke is the “New Campaign Wizard” which is really quick and simple to get you started but, the step By Step Wizard is really incredible. You can draw out these very dynamic link diagrams, that look like one of those world wide web diagrams, that you’d use to teach someone from the past what the internet is. It’s basically a template so that you can create your own very unique footprint.

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